6/23/13 WEWRIWA

Hi gang!. Thanks for liking Now What? and your excellent comments. As promised, today will be the last entry on widow Carly Evans and the encounter with a man on a motorcycle. I hope you’ll want more about one my most personal stories available in print and ebook formats.

A quick note about a story of mature romance begun right here on wewriwa a few months ago. Your response stirred me to write a short story titled Instant Grandpa featured on USA Today last Tuesday in the Happy Ever After section. It’s the first in a series of Mature Romance Suspense from one who knows. Thanks for your advice and support.

excerpt in eight:


I had to search for my glasses to read his business card; the first item out of my bag was hair spray. 

Laughing he said, “Were you going to protect yourself against me with that?” 

I nodded and continued to feel for the elusive glasses; triumphant, I perched them on my nose and read his card embossed  Martin Ambrose  Architect and  his address was what singles call geographically desirable

Unlocking the car door, I stepped out of safety into Martin’s arms as he removed his helmet and swept me into an embrace that made my senses—if I had any—reel, knees grow weak, and every other cliché I’d ever read about in love stories.  Me, the widow, thrust up against my car in the most popular mall for miles in broad daylight where who knows what neighbor or friend might pass by, kissing a man I didn’t know existed a few minutes ago.  I loved it, loved the abandon and didn’t care, in the heat of the moment, who saw me.  And that was the first kiss.

for more snippets from talented authors



Now What?Charmaine Gordon

Paperback $14.95

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From the new Charmaine Gordon series The Beginning…Not the End.

Mature Love, Romance, Suspense.







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