A Moment with Melanie Griffith. . .

_MG_0005 -2 _ppWell, not exactly folks. Bear with me for another adventure in movie-land. Picture this: The scene is Bellview Hospital on the East side of NY. I’m sitting with my fellow background artists in a large chapel, dressed as a patient in a pink robe and fuzzy slippers, a shower cap on my head–don’t ask. All of a sudden, the famous director Sidney Lumet, a hands on man, beckoned me with a crook of his finger. “You.” Words to live by. Shuffling behind him fast as I can, he points to a spot against the wall where actors–designated Hasid’s–are already lined up. I stand ready to serve and obey. Little did I know the fun had just begun. A box appeared for me to stand on. I climbed up. Lights adjusted. Listening carefully, I heard I was standing in for Melanie Griffith. Okay. More money. Then an assistant plunked a black hat on my head. Now I looked like a Hasid. Stifling a giggle, I stood– tall black hat, pink robe, fuzzy slippers, little me standing on a box. Here it comes. A tall handsome actor dressed like the other men, obviously the co-star, stood next to me. Mr. Lumet checked out his side curls and called for make-up. Waving a hot curling iron, said curls were set to perfection. Lighting adjusted and finally I was dismissed. They grabbed the hat, the robe and the slippers but the no one could ever take the laugh that remains to this day. Show business. A sweet time.

Detective Emily Eden is a tough New York City cop forced to go undercover to solve a puzzling murder. Her search for the truth takes her into a secret world of unwritten law and unspoken power, a world where the only way out is deeper in! Written by Anonymous

When a brutal murder occurs among the Hasidic Jewish community and looks like an inside job, tough New York cop, Emily Edith (Melanie Griffith), goes undercover as a Hasid to find the culprit. Written by Reid Gagle

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  1. Couldn’t reply, Charmaine. So I’ll just tell you here…..Even the most mundane of days to you sound like such fun days to me.

    Marilyn Celeste Morris, Author, Editor, Speaker WEBSITE: http://authormarilyncelestemorris.blogspot.com/ BLOG: AuthorMarilynCMorris.wordpress.com AMAZON: http://amzn.to/KSq5Ya;PUBLISHER'S SITE:http://bit.ly/LIq9iy And now, free reads: First four chapters ofall my books: http://bit.ly/JZM0j4

    “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” — Ray Bradbury


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