And then She Said. . .

photo (11)Now that my grandest has her white belt, there’s no stopping her. While driving, I told her how I taught her mommy how to swim, no floaties invented in the good old days. Attentive as always, she listened as I told her how I held her mom’s arms while she kicked. And then I described teaching all my kids the same way, sans floaties. Swimming is natural, honey. I learned in cold Lake Michigan all by myself. Even babies learn to swim.

Her sweet voice said, ” I can too but not without my floaties.”

A week later, she’s in my pool with her mom laughing as she removes the plastic aid around her arms and kicks with straight legs and strong arms while holding onto a board. Her face beaming with a triumphant smile. She did it!



4 thoughts on “And then She Said. . .

  1. I need to know your trick! My daughter is so nervous about this. She knows how to doggie paddle and swim under water but is terrified she will never be able to swim above. She is a bit dramatic at times though. She worries about things as if I, her mother, would let anything happen to her. Kids!
    Love you, can’t wait for you to meet here!

  2. My younger daughter and her family built a pool recently. At a gathering poolside, she was telling her littlest girl “Grandma taught me to swim, even though she can’t swim.” I thought about it. True. I still can’t swim, but she sure can! Same method. Hold her while she splashes.

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