Young at Heart

Charmaine Series poster mini 1YAH CVR FTen years ago, Don and I were married. Ever the actor, I wrote a script for us to tell our thirty guests about the night we met. Of course, he didn’t  follow the script but I couldn’t smack him over his neatly combed hair; not in front of the Justice of the Peace and our friends. I wore a white floor length suit, nifty! and he wore his tux. Also nifty. We handed copies of the music to Young at Heart to be sung by all after the reading and before the formal ceremony.

I bring this up today not because of our fun wedding. No. Next week I have the second short story of The Beginning. . .Not The End series titled Young at Heart.

Back then I didn’t write books. Never thought about if. I was an actor. Full circle, the title came to me. More about the story when it’s released. I’m definitely having a bunch of fun. Please join me, my friends.

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