Unconditional Love unites Gracie with Grandest and my daughter

Photo: Gracie is happily and finally home safe and sound :)After numerous conversations with Diane Ferguson at Unconditional Love Pet Rescue in Arkansas, my daughter selected a rust colored Lab Mix fifty pounds of female sweetness. What an adventure! We drove to the Vince Lombardi Service area on the New Jersey Turnpike and waited for the bus to bring the new member of the family.

A big white SUV pulled up; two wonderful smiling women came out, asked for I.D. and TaDa! they brought Gracie, wagging her tail, ready to love and be loved.

The back story on this dog is someone found her by a river. She wanted to go home with him. He couldn’t take her and called Diane to the rescue. When Diane showed up, the dog was still there by the river just waiting.

I never knew about rescue dogs until my friend, Judy Audevard from Paws for a Cause told me she found Kizzy, her therapy Bichon Frise from a rescue home. Now I’ve written Young at Heart, second in the series The Beginning . . .Not The End. Kizzy is an important character in the story to be released next week.Charmaine Series poster mini 1


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