8/4/13 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang, I’m happy to report that a story begun right here and with your comments and boost, I wrote Young at Heart, just released last week and featured on USA Today, the second in my series of Mature Romance/Suspense under the umbrella title The Beginning. . .not The End. Happy dance and champagne for everyone. I hope you recall the beginning.



 I’ve tried all my tricks to get his attention and today might be my last chance. Known as Queen of the quip in the out-patient clinic at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital, I knew how to make people laugh. This guy, the saddest looking Irish face I’d seen since I had to pick one out of a line-up, kept to himself never speaking to anyone except Eddy Martin, the physical therapist we shared. I wanted to share more with this stand offish private guy because something about him appealed to me.

Physical Therapy was an unlikely place for dating possibilities, the slightly sanitized scent in the huge room with professionals in white uniforms everywhere. Yet I love men and they were here with me and a bunch of other women although some of the men were too young. I’m in my seventies in good shape before the surgery and determined to return to normality. This widow wants companionship and loving, not an affair.





https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/339454  YAH CVR FBnE logo 1-2




35 thoughts on “8/4/13 WEWRIWA

  1. Congrats on the publication. Lovely snippet which gives great insights into the female MC and makes the reader curious about the sad irishman. Good job. And again kudos about the newest publication.

  2. YAY! So happy for you, Charmaine! Wonderful snippet and a wonderful untapped market for you to have found a new niche. *happy dance*

  3. How fun Charmaine…I’m a PT Assistant and work with this population of folks. I would bet that many of the ladies I’ve had as patients over the years would eat this story up.

  4. Congrats on the publication! This is a truly lovely snippet. I like your characters sass, and go get them attitude.

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