8/18/13 WEWRIWA

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Hi Gang and welcome to WEWRIWA where talented authors share eight sentences of their writing and give constructive criticism. I’ve been away to St. Augustine Beach visiting a dear pal and  here I am. When last seen, my heroine from Young at Heart, second in the series of mature romance, met Collin Brody who paid no attention to her on the last day of her therapy at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation in W. Haverstraw, NY. She leaves the building

excerpt in eight:

Rain pelted against my umbrella; wind threatened to turn it inside out and I used the building as a touchstone, the rough hewn brick combined with smooth sandstone gave me comfort. As I neared my car a male voice heavy with Irish brogue, called out, “Miss Campbell, wait up, an old man needs your help, don’t you know.”

The voice of Collin Brody, music to my ears, made me stop in my shaky tracks. “Old man indeed, if you’re old what does that make me?”

He caught up with me, took hold of my arm and looking down from his height of maybe six feet, he laughed and said “It makes you a tasty treat, I declare.”

My heart sped up just a beat or two and we walked along, me with a sense of security long missing until I recalled his rudeness and said “And who might you be? I talked to you for ten minutes and not one word came back, such bad manners I’ve never seen the likes of so go away, it’s too late to be friends.” When did I ever speak with an Irish brogue?








26 thoughts on “8/18/13 WEWRIWA

  1. I like this one. I’ve been pushed around by wind many times and I know it’s a huge relief when somebody helps you. She gets a gold star for speaking up about his seeming rudeness, too.

  2. Millie, how are you? Happy to see you here again. Next week is the last excerpt for Young at Heart-a short story, after all. Busy writing the next story in the series. Thanks. $2.99 and you get to read the whole story. Way cool.

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