And Then She Said. . .

A plane trip to JAX Florida-destination St. Augustine where daughter, granddaughter and me were guests of my BBF, Mary, tennis buddy of days gone by. Picture this: Newark Airport. Our five year old is enchanting frantic passengers with her comic antics. Going through the scanner, I had forgotten about my new hip replacement. Noise. Call Security. The nicest woman wearing blue gloves + a nifty uniform asked if I needed a private curtained room to be frisked. I said, “Honey, I was an actor. Say no more.” Gentle hands did a thorough search of this person. I did think that the last time anyone carried on with me, we had dinner and champagne before and exchanged a few kisses. Ah well. Nice to know security took the job seriously.

On the plane taxiing: She kept saying ,”Oh My God. . .as the plane took off.

“Can the plane fly all the way to heaven?” I hoped not. Not yet. First to the beach and twenty more years at least.

“I’m totally looking for a sign with a big D.” D for Disney-her second part of the journey with her mom and friends. Five years old. A comic in the making.Amy Malone


2 thoughts on “And Then She Said. . .

  1. Adorable! and I am laughing at the wonderful Charmaine Gordon setting off alarms at the airport – I think the only threat you pose is making us all lose sleep as we stay up all night finishing your mesmerizing books, lol.

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