I Found a Home At Vanilla Heart

A few years ago, manuscript in hand, query letters sent out carefully worded to dazzle and be rejected, this author needed a good home for my new story, To Be Continued. By chance, I met Chelle Cordero at a book signing at Barnes&Noble at the Palisade Center in West Nyack, NY. I had one published book with a defunct company; Chelle had about eight books on the table. Feeling like I landed on Ellis Island, a nobody with little to offer, I squared my thin shoulders and talked to her. The beginning of a friendship. Chelle purchased my book and spoke to her publisher, Kimberlee Williams at Vanilla Heart after reading it.

A journey began the first time we spoke. Warm and friendly she asked me to send To Be Continued to her. I did. We spoke again. She offered a contract. Step by step, with care she led me through formatting, the trials of computer hooha and what happens next. Marketing, YIKES, I knew nothing about that time consuming task, blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Up and down from cut and paste to downloading pictures, Kimberlee guided me patiently.

Three years and six books later plus short stories and a new series of Mature Romance under the umbrella title of The Beginning. . .Not The End, she’s still there guiding this author.

Many thanks to my publisher and friend. Let the Vanilla Heart Banner wave and prosper.BnE logo 1-2


4 thoughts on “I Found a Home At Vanilla Heart

  1. Very well stated. Kimberlee has been great – AND so glad you are being published by VHP and we all get to read your terrific writing.

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