8/25/13 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang and welcome to another Sunday before autumn leaves begin to fall. YIKES!

Continuing with Young at Heart, the second in my series of Mature Romance under the umbrella title The Beginning not The End, I’m picking up where Collin Brody, the Irisher with the sad face invites Joyce Campbell to lunch after rehab. He beckons and a limousine pulls up. They are whisked away to the fancy River Club at the West Haverstraw Marina, Joyce stilled dressed in sweats after rehab. This is the last excerpt from Young at Heart.

excerpt in eight:

“This game is called ‘Getting To Know You’ and I see you’re worried because you thought our lunch would lead to something unpleasant, right?”

I nodded, bag clutched in hand to leave. Smoothing the worry line between my brows with a tender touch, he smiled, the gesture so natural my fears calmed. “My family came from Ireland with a small brood of children and not too much money when pay dirt hit for the Brody’s as Pop started a brewery.”

 Rain beat at the windows and suddenly big hail stones pelted making staccato sounds reverberate through the glass enclosed River Club. Just as quickly, the temperature outside dropped and snow fell.

 “My children, especially Karen, the youngest who has twin daughters, are possessive about me as they guard me from gold-digging potential trophy wives since dear Maureen passed and they warn me to watch out for the first woman to knock on my door with Irish stew.”

They don’t have to worry about me since I’m not big on cooking

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38 thoughts on “8/25/13 WEWRIWA

  1. I do so love your snippet, Charmaine. There’s so much warmth in them. I adore his explanations to her, that he’s taking the time. I love his last line and her thought response to it! Great snippet!

  2. It’s amazing how you bring us right into an intimate scene with a brevity of words… an I Irishman with a sad face… a ritzy restaurant and she’s dressed in workout clothes, smelling like sweat… and it’s starting to snow outside. I really felt everything you described – fantastic scene and dialogue!

  3. Gotta watch out for those sugar-daddy-seekers, lol! I agree that this excerpt has a lot going on. We get a good feel for both characters.

    I like that mention of his gesturing seeming natural to her and that’s what helped her calm down. That’s a personal observation from her POV that adds realism.

  4. I agree with all the other comments — lovely, warm, and inviting characterizations. Love the change of weather — foreshadowing the rapid change to come in their conversation? Terrific eight, Charmaine; so glad I finally got back here to see your seniors.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Lynn. Mature Romance means it’s the beginning and not the end. I believe in that. At 82, sounds good, feels just right. Have some fun. Read one of the short stories: Young at Heart/Instant Grandpa and see.Then let me know your opinion. I’d love to hear from you.

  6. Well done, Charmaine. The rain turning to snow set a mood, and I like the candid nature of their conversation. Some things I had not thought of. I’m glad he came right out with the “gold digging” concerns of his daughter. I hope she’s not unreasonable, but my money is on her causing the trouble…

    Goof 8!

  7. Nice that you take your time to answer everyone’s post. This is the last post about Young at Heart. It’s a short story, after all but what a remarkable response from our gang. Before the Final Curtain was just finished two days ago much to my publishers delight. Two weeks before release. I’ll let everyone know. Again, thanks for both of you for WEWRIWA.

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