A Moment With Christian Slater. . .

Charmaine Headshot for Author CentralThis goes back a while. I don’t even recall the name of the film. Hired to play the woman who hands the star a bible, yes, folks, there are parts and there are parts, I had weird directions taking me way up north in New York State where I was sure to get lost. Something about a lake and turn right. Curvy road and almost there. Okay. An hour and a half of pure panic and I finally arrived to find some friendly faces of actors I knew. Yippee!

Off to wardrobe in this small town with a bridge where the action would take place, I dressed in a cotton , I don’t know what to call it, neat uh, like almost a house dress and a sweater. “Places, hurry.” someone shouted. “Looks like rain.” We were herded to the bridge, taught a song like a hymn, a church was across the way. “Hand over the bible.” Christian Slater smiled and accepted my gift among other gifts from the other “townspeople,” all union actors. The rain came down. Buckets of rain. Underneath the bridge the water raged, booming, sound of the scene gone. “Head in, fast,” blared the assistant. Soaked, we filed in to the changing area.

After changing and lunch,union rules, we were asked to return the next day and so it went. Stop and start; stop and start. A week went by and the pleasant nature of Christian Slater shone through. Always kind and easy going, it was a change from some of the arrogant stars I’d been in contact with over my “sweet time.”

Almost two weeks later , the scene, for better or worse, finished, a light drizzle persisting. A lot of money spent for a movie I can’t recall. Oh well. Memories.                                                                                               Thanks, Wikipedia

Christian Slater at the premiere of Bobby, Toronto Film Festival 2006.jpg

6 thoughts on “A Moment With Christian Slater. . .

  1. An absolutely exciting memory and one which will bother me as I seach through Christian Slater movies to find any that filmed in upstate NY! LOL, do you remember about what year this was?

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