9/1/13 WEWRIWA

Hi gang. I’m searching for summer; looked under the bed, in the closet; can’t find it. Here’s to autumn leaves and new books to transport us to sunny shores  until next summer.

This week I’m telling and showing you a story published last year. Sin of Omission, an interracial Romance/Suspense story with a cast of characters including a bad guy and a bad woman. A whole lot of love went into this story, a sequel to Reconstructing Charlie, though the books stand- alone

excerpt in eight:

_MG_0005 -2 _pp

Nine months ago the only woman he’d ever loved turned him loose saying no contact, get your degree. Well, today’s Graduation day and just maybe she’d show, bring a gift. Jimmy Costigan brushed too-long hair, leaned close to the mirror in the dorm room and noticed some strands of gray at the temple an indication this cowboy had been lonely too long.

The graduating class of Roosevelt School of Architecture marched through open doors into one of the best ten days of the year in Chicago greeted by applause and whistles from the audience welcoming the young men and women, their robes fluttering in the wind off Lake Michigan like a flock of blackbirds.

The urge to spin around and search for Shelley Jackson so strong, Jimmy’s stomach tightened as he tried to concentrate on Dean Aldrich’s speech.

“Every graduating class is evaluated by the staff and this year one student has shown exceptional talent in design and use of space. Jimmy Costigan, please join me to receive this check for twenty five thousand dollars to get your professional career off the ground.”

He strode to Dean Aldrich, shook hands then scanning the crowd, he squinted and way back stood a tall black woman in a white dress, her arms filled with what appeared to be a package. Shelley.

For more snippets

http://www.wewriwa.com                                                                                                           9781937227593CVR





41 thoughts on “9/1/13 WEWRIWA

  1. It almost sounds like some tough love was involved in inspiring this man to get his degree… but he not only got a degree but graduated with honors. What a splendid way of introducing this character and what looks to be a very special relationship with Shelley. I look forward to reading more of this story! Thanks for a great snippet!

  2. Nice eight Charmaine. It might have taken him a shove, but look at his accomplishments! Fantastic. Looking forward to next week!

  3. For once, I’d like to be greeted with applause and cheers, heck, I’d settle for a flock of blackbirds. 😉 Awesome writing and scene description always. You are detailed and I love it!!

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