And Then She Said. . .thoughts about endless motherhood

563409_3560430205837_702903385_n321166_4210211089953_1444042931_nWhen I said, “I do,” in 1952, I had no idea I’d still be saying those words in 2013. I’m still a girl, an old girl at this time, who can’t say no. It all began when # 1 son needed a report on Joseph McArthy, the evil senator who claimed there were communists under every bed and he was swamped with work. Uh, huh. I fell for it and since I was taking a course at Rockland Community College, I took out some books and put together a nifty report. He got an A. Hooray for me.

This established a pattern. “Mom can do it.” Next, I read an indecipherable book about four Japanese sisters and their travails and wrote a book report for my youngest son. Another A. Truly, I never did this well in college.

Then there was the time daughter didn’t have time to draw yet another picture for an art class necessary to complete college credits. She worked, attended school and was otherwise engaged. Mom rose to the occasion.

While playing with my grandest yesterday late afternoon, daughter called. Her voice urgent, she said, ” Mom, she needs a picture of her favorite food for tomorrow. And it’s grilled cheese. Please draw a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich. I’ll be home in ten minutes.” She disconnected. Now I’m asked to do my granddest granddaughter’s homework. For kindergarden. Of course I drew a great sandwich on a flowered plate. I hope she gets an A. The cycle continues. Is it any wonder we’re called Grand parents.


If you’ve had experiences similar to mine, please ‘fess up and let’s have a good laugh.


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