Murder, Mayhem, & Musicals

Charmaine Headshot for Author CentralUpon awakening Monday a.m.-always a good sign-I told my husband he’d slept through both Dexter and Ray Donavon and there was only one last episode coming up on Sunday. YIKES!

He opened one eye and said, “Whatever happened to movies like “Singin’ in the Rain”?

Memories, sweet memories of my first honeymoon, the year 1952-two weeks in Miami Beach with my high school sweetie, my husband gone too soon. We saw Singin’ in the Rain there, rejoiced in the songs and dance, humor, Donald O’Connor ‘s antics as second banana, Gene Kelly’s brilliance and dear husky voice, and Debbie Reynolds-so fresh and adorable. We talked for hours in the hot sun and both of us got sun burn down one side from head to toe looking at each other. The next day we flipped over to the other side to even out tans and kept talking. Thirty seven years of conversation. That’s what marriage is. Communication with a big dose of love.

Meanwhile back to movies, Don went to the local library, borrowed Singin’ in the Rain and we laughed our way through two hours of delicious entertainment. Hollywood doesn’t make movies like that any more. Vampires,shape shifters,aliens,car chases,murder & mayhem rule.

Run don’t walk to your nearest library or buy a copy of Singin’ in the Rain, pop some corn and settle in for a great time


8 thoughts on “Murder, Mayhem, & Musicals

  1. My mom has a constant flow of pre-1970’s movies on her TV. I love sitting with her as she tells me all about the actors and their lives and children and it’s a shame that class is a rarity in Hollywood today. However, I Dexter and Breaking Bad are my favorite shows, so what does that say about me?

  2. It tells me you’re a well rounded woman who enjoys that life before your time was good and the now is just fine and getting better. Thanks for stopping by. As it will be revealed, I’m the author of nine books all with Vanilla Heart-the last three are short stories in a series of Mature Romance. Today “Before the Final Curtain” the third in the series is released. A new demographic for me but I’m a senior-when did that happen?-and I know a lot about romance between seniors. Yippee!

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