September 22, 2013 WEWRIWA A Community of writers and readers

9781937227593CVR Autumn in all it’s colorful glory with leaves of gold, orange, and red. Enjoy the beauty while it lasts. It’s Sunday and we’re here to read and write constructive critique learning from each other.

I continue with another excerpt from Sin of Omission. Jimmy Costigan has something to say in front of Shelley Jackson, mother of his twin sons; her grandmother is nearby.

excerpt in eight:

Head spinning with evidence of fatherhood in front of him, Jimmy rose from his crouched position and said, “Where do you live?”

“We live in Haven where I work.”

“Do y’all like living up there in Fairview?” and was satisfied with her nod.

 “I’ll buy a piece of the property and build a house for y’all.”

Waving his degree in front of Shelley, Jimmy said, “It’s what I do best.” Once again, he turned his back on Shelley to tip his cowboy hat toward Grandma who had been silent all the while.

Shelley watched the father of her children fade from view as he strode across campus;  she asked Grandma what she thought of the visit.

 “Mixed review, darlin’ so be patient ’cause he plays his cards close to the vest and you hurt a prideful man real bad.”

Shedding tears on the blue blanket, Shelley finished packing and they left for home.

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41 thoughts on “September 22, 2013 WEWRIWA A Community of writers and readers

  1. I can see why he’s angry, but I hope he gets over it for both their sakes, and for the babies. After all, she had her whole pregnancy to get used to the idea–and then she just sprung it on him at graduation.

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