And Then She Said. . .

I’ve written about the remarkable change in my grandest granddaughter since she entered kinder garden. Yesterday she said with great enthusiasm, “Today we were in the computer for the first time, Grans. I was doing great finding games to play and then I pushed a button I was not supposed to touch and all the screens went dark.”

ImageOMG. What happened next, my author’s mind wondered. So I asked before driving off the road. “No biggie. The computer teacher fixed it and I played more games. I’ll teach you when I’m not too busy.”

And she will, I’m sure. Meanwhile, her mommy, daughter o’ mine and intense teacher told me the munchkin said, while multi-tasking over Mac and Cheese and homework, “Mommy, I have a True or False test for you. Do cats go to school?”

Daughter thought long and hard. Cats rule in their house. “No,” she answered.

“Good answer, Mommy.”

At least I didn’t have to do any homework today.

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