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Hi Gang. Here we are again with stories to share on Sunday. Love it. Today, I continue with one more eight from Before the Final Curtain. This is the last eight from the third of my series of Mature Romance, The Beginning. . .Not The End.

In this eight, the two stars, Becca Morgan and Chris Williams, are on  the Drama Bus traveling to NYC for the first read-thru of “Honor Thy Mother, Please” a new comedy with a heart. They talk about their past history and read the first scene in the play.


Chris reads the stage directions. He’s not in this scene.: The play begins with a lot of action, background mumbling, moving furniture as a bewildered Becca stands stage left watching her belongings brought downstairs to the lower level of her home. Her daughter Laura and son-in-law Max are moving in and taking over. Chris laughs at the first line in the play.

Becca: “Basement? I don’t live in the basement.”

Laura: “It’s not the basement, Mom, it’s the lower level.”

Becca: “So why don’t you live there?”

Laura: “Mom, we need more room, there are two of us and. . .”

Becca: “Thanks for reminding me, honey, I almost forgot your daddy died.”

Laura: “And Max needs space for an office so it will be just fine, you’ll see.”

Chris cuts in and says, “I love you, I mean I love it, I mean I do love you, Becca.”

“ I’m not into anything but truth with no bullshit allowed, Chris”

“The whole truth and nothing but, dear heart and before the final curtain, you will know.”

for more snippets:                                                                            Before the Final Courtain with theme border


Once lovers, aging actors collide on stage as stars in a romantic comedy written and directed by a manipulative director. Add to the mix the talented assistant, a tough stage manager, one prominent costume designer, two young actors, secrets and gossip. Show business. There’s no business like it.

From the new  series The Beginning…Not the End.

Mature Love, Romance, Suspense.

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24 thoughts on “10/13/13 WEWRIWA A Community of Writers and readers

    • This is the last eight, Sarah. It’s available in all eformats or in the three story series., The Beginning. . .Not The End. When your latest book is in print, please let me know. Love the pics of your endless journey w/the kids.

  1. One question, because it make a difference in the motivation of the play characters. Is the “loser level” really the basement (below grade) or the ground level (no stairs to enter?) Being of an age where stairs are a barrier, I had to ask.

  2. Oh, so will Becca’s character have to deal with stairs, or will she be stuck down there? Lol, now I’m as interested in the play as the novel itself! 🙂 Good job with that!

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