Sleep Writer-That’s Me.

A few years ago, after a long career as an actor ended, I thought about what to do with the creative juices flowing through my head. “Write,” suggested a friend. “I don’t know how,” was my reply. She laughed. “After all the scripts you’ve read, that should give you a major clue.”

A seed planted and grew. One night I dreamed of a woman who wakes one morning after a night of passion with her husband of forty years. She reaches for him and finds a note, the first he’s ever written to her. Thrilled, she carefully opens to read: Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.”

What in the world! I’ve never known such a woman in this awful situation and since the book was published, I’ve heard from many women and men. They knew friends who’d suffered as my heroine does in this fictional story.

To Be Continued is the title, my first book with Vanilla Heart Publishing. It’s a Survive and Thrive story I fleshed out to reveal how a woman lifts herself from the depth of despair, gives back to the community, and eventually becomes the winner she once was.


BLIND SIDE: Webster’s Dictionary says: the side away from which one is looking.

Beth Malone sure wasn’t looking in the right direction all the years of her marriage to Frank. He’s abandoned her after forty years of what she thought was a good marriage. Once a winner, smart with Olympic Gold a strong possibility and a full scholarship to college close at hand, she meets Frank Malone. He’s handsome, a clever med student; everything her mom wants in a son-in-law. So Beth gives in to marry Frank, support them and pay for his education.

How can a smart girl cave and give all, you might ask? At seventeen, pressure from mom might be one answer. Her needs became secondary nature as she literally takes a back seat in their life together and more so when daughter Susie is born.

Now Beth stands alone and must learn to do what I call the dance of life. Place one foot in front of the other and move on. A novice at first, she makes mistakes and turns to her love of swimming to strengthen her. Giving back to the community is new to Beth and opens a whole new world.

Dear readers, what are your feelings as you read Beth’s struggle to grow as a single when all her grown-up years have been as part of a doubles team? When she cries out, “I want my forty years back.” do her words resonate inside you?

I look forward to hearing from you.


I’m sharing amazing news with you today. First, I’ve signed an option with a producer for To Be Continued to be reproduced as a television movie. How cool is this? And next, To Be Continued is now available in audio. Yes , it is Check out the links listed below.

Thank you for stopping by nd celebrating with me. Leave a comment. There just may be a special gift for you.

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