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Before the Final Courtain with theme borderWelcome to Sundays with Weekend Warrior Writers to share our eight sentence snippets.

This week, by popular request, I’m writing one last eight of Before the Final Curtain before I introduce another story. Thanks for all your comments, constructive critique and support. That’s what we’re all about. Last week I introduced you to Chis Williams, co star and former lover of Becca Morgan. This week, you’ll see how Randall Sloan, infamous playwright and director works with the young actors on a scene. They don’t call him Randy for nothing. He decides to micro-manage the love scene with the young actors in front of a small audience.

excerpt in eight:


 You’ve just made love and Max is ready to roll over and sleep now satiated satiated when Laura’s thoughts return to her mother.

Laura: We shouldn’t have made her sleep in the basement, she allowed us to move in and now she’s gone. (She cries)

Max: (reaches for Laura and they begin to make love)

Randall shouts, “What we need to bring the audience into the story is for you to take the moment before so take it and climax when you make love, feel it as the earth moves; shudder in the glory and hold each other as your bodies quiet before you, Max, roll over to sleep in peace after a piece. ”

In a tangle of bodies under the covers, Max and Laura kiss, acting urgency became reality when moans of ecstasy emanate from the darkened stage and staff and crew lean forward, voyeurs to the scene Randall wants.

Max: Oh, baby. (takes her in his arms) She’s old and doesn’t need a big house so let’s get a dog for her.

(Laura slugs him with a pillow” Go to sleep and I’ll figure something out.

Randall, pleased with his genius, moved on not paying attention to the caresses going on between the young actors.



                                                                                                 Before The Final Curtain



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23 thoughts on “10/20/13 WEWRIWA A Community of Writers and Readers

    • Millie, this is a scene within the story. Mom has gone out-unusual for her- so her daughter is upset-not too bothered to make love, though. Sorry to have confused my friend. I should have written that Mom’s gone to a bar because she was lonely- in the pre-eight. YIKES!

      • Nah, that’s okay…I just was wondering why he’d buy her mom a dog if she was gone : ) I read that very late last night…so, erm, yeah…that might’ve been part of my confusion. Hee hee hee.

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