10/27/13 WEWRIWA a Community of Writers and Readers

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writers where we post eight sentences and seek constructive criticism from you.

This week my eight comes from my recently released book The Catch published by Vanilla Heart.

Take one lawyer fallen from the ladder of success; add another woman lawyer with a jaded secret past, distrustful of everyone and what have you got? Trouble when the unscrupulous top lawyer of their firm tries to force her into a situation.

excerpt in eight:Image

The woman in his bed sat up and shoved him hard and said, “Time’s up, handsome.”

Tom Donnelly rolled over and blinked awake.

“My name’s Vicki in case you’ve forgotten.”

He attempted his winning grin; it didn’t work and then the fog lifted to recall speaking to an escort service for a date.

Naked, Vicki stalked to the bathroom with an armload of clothes picked up on the way. Five minutes later, money in her tight fist, Vicki came running out of the bathroom to scream in his face saying, “The deal was a thousand dollars, I count five hundred so where’s the rest?” Hands on voluptuous hips she glared at him.

Head pounding from the world’s worst hangover, Tom staggered out of bed and lurched to his dresser; face flushed, he handed her four hundred fifty dollars and said, “Sorry. I’ll make it up next time.”

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Tom Donnelly, once known as The Catch – every woman’s dream guy, has fallen down every rung of the ladder he once worked so hard to climb. On New Year’s Day, he realizes just how far he’s fallen, and makes a list of resolutions to change his life. He vows to regain the trust lost from his family, his law firm, and his friends – and maybe even find the right woman this time.

He crosses paths with Joanne McKenna Friedman – a smart young lawyer, beautiful on the outside, damaged on the inside. Joanne’s secret past leaves her distrustful of everyone. Until a court case comes up to threaten her career and even her life, and she turns to Tom for help.



29 thoughts on “10/27/13 WEWRIWA a Community of Writers and Readers

  1. Your characters and true-to-life situations make for such great reading, Charmaine. Tom is particularly endearing, because of his fall from grace. Love it!

  2. Whoa, pretty mercenary there! I get that this is her business, but you’d think she’d be a little nicer, to encourage repeat business…

    He’s a bit sleazy, but she makes me feel sorry for him, too.

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