The Sweetest Sixteen. . .

The year was 1947. About to turn sixteen my parents offered a me-the only daughter-a luncheon with friends who would bring cashmere sweaters galore as gifts; a fox stole-heaven forbid- .My choice. A girl of good taste, I decided my favorite celebration would be a date with my high school sweetie and best pal. I explained to him a steak dinner at the Chez Paree in Chicago’s downtown, the hottest spot where headliners from all over entertained patrons after the meal at the exorbitant charge of ten, count ’em, ten dollars.

He saved money and away we went in his Father’s two door car. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin . What a team.. The up and coming duet with Jerry cracking jokes and making faces while Dean played second banana, a gorgeous hunk. And when Dean Martin sang, the women carried on as if they were bobby soxers dressed in mink coats. I recall Jerry Lewis’s face as his partner sang thinking in my teenage mind, they’d never last. And of course, they split.

As for my sweetie and I, we took our wedding vows seriously “until death do us part.”



6 thoughts on “The Sweetest Sixteen. . .

  1. What a wonderful love story, Charmaine! How sad it had to end prematurely though. 😦 I also met my husband at age 16, and here we still are, 42 years later.
    P.S. Dean Martin was SO sexy and, THAT VOICE! ♥

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