11/24/13 WEWRIWA

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays but this is Sunday and the writing never ceases so join us as we read and give constructive criticism so we may learn and grow our craft as authors.

This week I continue with The Catch due to public response. Tom Donnelly The Catch, and Joanne McKenna Friedman seesaw in an attempt to put a relationship together. Big surprise when they find themselves at the elevator in the same law firm. He asks her to have dinner. She declines and melts away in the throng of people leaving work after saying. . .

excerpt in eight:

Tom, I don’t trust anyone and I hold my feelings close. My job is what counts. You caught me at a weak moment the night of the storm.”
Before he had a chance to respond Joanne vanished in the crowd.
In a cab he itched for the old life; stop for a drink or two during happy hour, pick up a pretty woman at the bar, be a good old boy but not this time so eyes squeezed tight, he gave his address to the driver, told him not to stop even if he begged to get out. The cab driver swiveled his head around and nodded, “Ya think you’re the only guy; are ya married or just need a drink?”
No to both; just a damn fool” and Tom wiped sweat from his brow and sat back to consider the obvious move to let her go. In the past the old Tom, the catch, never needed to do the one hand mambo but maybe the time was ripe because he certainly was. Go for a run, make a spinach cheese omelet and work on his best clients, the Anderson’s, latest acquisition.  Joanne McKenna Friedman you’ve dug a hole in my heart. Damn.

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