12/1/13 WEWRIWA

December already? Well, the good news is just 21 days ’til we get a gift of one minute of daylight each day until SPRING!

I continue with The Catch a couple more weeks before moving on. This week Joanne receives  new she’s been waiting for. Maybe this will lift her spirits and allow her to open up to possibilities.

excerpt in eight:


Joanne’s voice quavered, “Thank you,” to the old mailman and locking the mailbox, she opened her apartment door, closed and double locked to sit and stare some more at the white envelope stamped with the Chicago Law Bar Exam address. Enough already, Poppa called from beyond,Image the way he used to; let’s see what my smart little girl’s accomplished today. Okay Pops, here goes everything and out came the envelope opener to slide under the closure.

Night wrapped Chicago in darkness. Stars came out to brighten the sky with a half moon shining. Wailing saxophones played jazz in the many clubs where tables filled to the streets in Old Town. In Joanne’s dark apartment, she lay in bed still dressed, the letter clutched in her hands. I did it, Poppa; your little girl passed the Bar Exam the first time!


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24 thoughts on “12/1/13 WEWRIWA

  1. Nice way to show emotion! People don’t always jump up and down and scream when they’re happy–this scene shows another, realistic reaction. Great job here!

  2. I love this snippet, Charmaine. Even when I read the book, I thought you’d written it so well…dragging out the results of the exam, the way you drew in the security of her father (in her memory) and the poetic way you waxed on Chicago. Lovely! 🙂

  3. Did you see the movie Billy Elliot when he receives the long awaited letter from the London Academy of Dance he’s auditioned for? I pictured this scene when I wrote mine. Proves a writer needs experience and recall plus imagination combined to create a good story. Thank you for your continuing support, my friend.

  4. Great snippet. I could “feel” her fingers shaking as she held the envelope – and her awe and joy about passing the exam. Terrific imagery. Successfully hooks the reader’s emotions.

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