A Moment With Robert Redford. . .

While driving my grandest to TaeKwanDo today, I listened to public radio ‘s interview with Robert Redford and recalled a moment in time where our eyes met one day on an empty street in New York.

I’d just come back from a PBS audition and was flying high. I was supposed to be a cavewoman playing with a frisbee- don’t ask folks, it’s show business. The script was comical, something I do well and I’d created  a leopard cloth outfit and stuck a dog bone in my hair-cave woman, you know. The producers laughed a lot as I flung the frisbee and acted goofy.

I changed back into street clothes and walked-maybe swaggered is a better word-taking a short cut toward the parking lot. A star’s trailer was parked curbside and as i drew near idly wondering what was shooting and why wasn’t I called, Robert Redford stepped out wearing faded jeans, a shirt to match and looking oh so amazing.

“Well, hello there, “he said. “Hello, yourself,” I said. Just then a lackey stuck his head out the door and called ,”Places, Mr. Redford.” “So sorry,” he said and hurried to disappear behind the big door.

“Hmm.” You know I didn’t mumble hmm. So I drove home to the burbs where loving husband, too many kids, and two big dogs waited for me.

Show business. There’s nothing like it. I did not get the job I’d auditioned so brilliantly for. Coming in second means zip and better luck next time.

File:Robert Redford 2012 cropped.jpgAge 77 still handsome  thank you, Wikipedia.


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