And Then She Said. . .

T’was the night before the last day of school  before Christmas vacation and grandest and I hunched over one last page of homework. I didn’t get it. She looked at me with those big blue eyes. “Mommy could do it.”

“Mommy’s not home so let’s get this finished. But I don’t get it.”

Her eyes narrowed no longer sweet and delicious. “I. Am. In. Kindergarden.” You are in nowhere school, Granny. So I know what this is.”

“I went to kindergarden all the way through high school and college, raised a bunch of children including your smart Mommy, acted in movies and in plays and now I write books.”

We had a stare down. Apparently grandest wasn’t impressed. She finished the page, her mom came home and she left me at the table wondering what  just happened.



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