“And Then She Said. . .”

Daughter fell ill a few days ago and I had the pleasure of spending an entire day and two nights with them. Call me Doctor Mom. Grandest said she’ wanted to send a letter to Santa and needed help spelling. Who can resist? Not me.

We sat close together, she held a pencil and gazed up at me when help was called for–like often. After all she’s still half way through Kinder garden, folks.

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas.

Expecting a long list of toys and expensive electronics I almost rolled my eyes. Here’s where the letter took a surprising turn.

I want everyone –“how do you spell everyone, Grans?” in the world to enjoy Christmas every year and be nice.

Thank you,

Then she spelled her name just so, Upper and lower case nice and neat.

How can I express my feelings at that moment? A little child so sensitive and aware of the world’s trouble who believes in the miracle of the jolly Santa Claus solving problems.

Thanks for reading my blog about my precious grandest. Happy New Year to all.

Photo: My Angel girl-Waiting for you to come home to Mommy...󾌬 Til tomorrow my best little pal. Te amo del tamano de la luna 󾬘󾀔


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