1/19/14 WEWRIWA

“Sunday, Sunday, so good to me.” Or is the song “Monday, Monday?” Oh yes. The Mommas and The Poppas with their incredible harmony.  Whatever the day, I’m happy to be here with you all to share our snippets of eight sentences and read creative comments to help us with our chosen work.

This week I continue with Reconstructing Charlie. She just killed her father in self defense protecting both her mom and herself. Step by step I  take you through what happens next.

excerpt in eight:

Mom’s thick auburn hair came loose from her bun and she looked so pretty bending over him, a finger pressed to his neck as if she was a cop. On tiptoes, she pulled the ceiling fan chain and her sleeve rolled back. I counted black and blue marks covering her arm and knew Mom had a lot more than I did. The breeze felt good: then she wiped my fingerprints off the tire iron and replaced them with hers.

I watched Mom change from quiet refined Liz Costigan to someone I didn’t know.          

She reached in his pants like a pickpocket and came up with a handful of dollars and coins. Handing me the money, Mom said, “I guess he drank the rest of his pay, sorry it’s not more but it’s all we have so let’s get you packed.”

I wondered where she was sending me and why.

for more snippets from talented authors:

http://www.wewriwa.comReconstructing Charlie new eyes




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36 thoughts on “1/19/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Beaten down, she still finds the way to be methodical and protect her child – and Charlie still sounds in disbelief at what she did.

  2. Yeah that’s it, you give a dreamlike feel to this part. Charlie’s probably in a bit of daze having just done something so drastic. The scene makes me interested not just in Charlie, but her mom too.

  3. I’m glad her mother is with it enough to get Charlie out of there and take the blame herself. No one would question self-defense under the circumstances. I like the otherworldly quality to the scene, with Charlie noticing how pretty her mother looks bending over a corpse. Very nicely done, Charmaine.

  4. A mother protects her child as best she can… But I think this might make things worse, in the long run.

    (Anyone else have “He Had it Coming” from Chicago playing in their minds?)

  5. Haha! I just read Caitlin’s comment as I was getting ready to comment that he had it coming. 🙂 This is such a good book, and great story to launch your characters’ tales. 🙂 Good 8, Charmaine! Yeah…we’re having fun! 🙂

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