My Life as a Carpenter. . .

Today, husband opened a kitchen drawer and cursed. #$@%&+##. Like that. This drawer hasn’t closed properly for about a year with chopsticks and our Grandest’s little spoons and forks falling through a crack. “Today’s the day,” he called. “I’m going to fix this sucker.” I hurried to the kitchen and watched as he emptied the drawer and wiped it clean. Yippee, I thought. Finally the drawer is cleanedImage by someone other than me. Then he brought out a cute little drill thingy with attachments. Just before he began surgery on said drawer, I checked out the drawer. Hmm. It seemed to me a simple fix might work.

“How about Duct Tape?”

“Duct Tape?” He scoffed so I left the room to return to my cluttered office and write.

All was quiet for a long while. I finished the chapter in my latest book and went to the kitchen. Husband leaned against the counter having a yogurt made in Russia. “Drawer all fixed?

“Sure.” “Was it difficult?” He tossed the empty yogurt container in the garbage and said, “I found the Duct Tape and uh, used it.”

“Hmm, so I guess you have me to thank for the suggestion.”

He said, “I guess you have me to thank for executing your idea.”

Men. They know how to warm your heart and sometimes, to break them. Meanwhile, back to my Romance/Suspense where the hero is about to. . .

Any amusing stories you’d like to share, my friends? Please jump in.

4 thoughts on “My Life as a Carpenter. . .

  1. Lol MEN!!!!! That’s so funny! Duct tape fixes anything. . Most of the time lol! Thanks for sharing this story. Very funny!

  2. I’ve had a drawer in the kitchen that’s needed to be fixed for months. It was fixed once before, and I admit that hubby did a good job. But now it flops again (frankly, I think we’ve got too many heavy things piled in it) and so far he hasn’t had the enthusiasm to give it another go. So I just keep subtly reminding him about how *awesome* it would be if the drawer were fixed. Somebody he’ll get around to it. Maybe I’ll suggest the duct tape!

    Thanks for the funny story, Charmaine!

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