1/26/14 WEWRIWA

Reconstructing Charlie new eyesArctic weather outside:warm inside. Does anyone remember that old song, “Baby it’s cold outside?” A love song and so much fun. Welcome writers and friends to read and leave constructive critique for us to improve our craft. I appreciate every comment.

This week I continue with Reconstructing Charlie. Her mother packs a bag , Charlie tries unsuccessfully to scrub blood from her hands.

excerpt in eight:

She was in charge, this new mother, and I didn’t question her; icy cold inside myself as Mom dragged me along to my bedroom. I kept looking back expecting him to come after us.

Mom’s hands caressed a leather case I’d never seen and said in a soft voice, “I packed my clothes and ran away sixteen years ago, so wild and out-of-control.”

“Were you ever sorry, Mom?”

“I have you and Jimmy, and my little girls so take a shower ‘cause I have things to do.”

I heard Mom opening and closing drawers, knew she’d be too busy to worry about me for a while and crept back to the bloody mess to make sure he really was dead. Shivering, I ran for the bathroom but even a hot shower couldn’t warm me and blood refused to wash off; words spun around in my head: ‘Out, out, damned spot.’ I scrubbed ‘til it hurt, Lady Macbeth, that’s me.

for more snippets from talented authors:

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I’ve opened a new FB page and need LIKES, my friends. In appreciation of your support all year, I’m opening a promo op to you from any Tuesday to Friday where you can post a pic plus blurb and links. No comments or critique. This has nothing to do with WEWRIWA. It’s just my way of giving back to our community of writers.


33 thoughts on “1/26/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Another great snippet, Charmaine, so full of emotion. The Lady Macbeth reference is perfect

    Baby It’s Cold Outside—love the Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart version. 🙂

    Have a good week, and I wish you great success with your book launch! 🙂

  2. I bet the mother was sorry some of the time–she deflected the question. Nice Lady Macbeth moment–it’ll be interesting to see how the consequences follow Charlie, like they did in the play.

  3. Poor thing, Charlie’s messed up here but she’s so sympathetic, I’m sure every one of us readers is pulling for her! Gotta wonder what’s going through her mom’s mind, too. Strong excerpt here!

  4. The Lady Macbeth reference was so fitting. Riveting story, Charmaine! I’m curious about why Charlie’s mother ran away 16 years earlier. Even more curious why she came back!

  5. I played Lady Macbeth in a play at school, so I loved that final comparison. I’m curious about why her mother ran away 16 years earlier and what’s going to happen to Charlie! There’s a dead man in the other room!

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