“Recalculating,” he said.

I cracked up when husband came home from having an oil change at Ford this a.m. with a sour tragic look on his attractive Nordic face. “What’s wrong? ” I said, the happy author and cheerleader of our home. “Leaking gas gaskets.”

Well, the car is old-a senior like us, so what did he expect? “$900.00 early tomorrow morning. You’ll have to follow me and drive me home.”

This is where he stared at me and spoke like a GPS. “Recalculating,” he rephrased  his pronouncement. “Are you available tomorrow morning to help me out?”

“Yes, of course, my dear.” Marriage is definitely one long conversation and often you had better ‘Recalculate.’


Any funny stories you wish to share? Jump right in. You’re always welcome.

Love, Charmaine


4 thoughts on ““Recalculating,” he said.

  1. Read this to him, Tara. Maybe he’ll take a hint. It’s a guy thing. Aren’t women wonderful? Yes we are. Check out some of my books to see how terrific they are.
    My latest She Didn’t Say No is especially good-about a feisty girl who makes difficult choices and makes her way with the kindness of strangers to help ease the path.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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