A birthday letter from my youngest son, Paul


Bud Gordon-Paul’s Daddy

Dear Mom,

 Here another earth to sun ritual proceeds and I am too far away in body to be there, but always nearby in spirit.  I love you very much… kinda like a son would.

 Having recently walked the very streets we did 17 years ago together in Edinburgh, my thoughts go toward reviewing some of the travels we’ve managed through the years… from judo tournaments to tennis tournaments to your finding me (us) at French Woods and wondering what foul-mouthed kid would say stuff like “Holy Shit, it’s mom n dad!”… on to stuff like my arriving home after my Alaska trip – in which I called you collect from a payphone in Homer, which gave you such a thrill “I can’t believe I’m calling my son in Homer, Alaska!!!”

 Then of course came some trips to Second Hand locations – Israel, Berlin, Las Vegas, Edinburgh, and NYC (Letterman show and Broadway and Lincoln Center) – during which we had other delightful adventures and comedies.

 You’ve been such a great support and reveled in my attempts at stuff.

 And now I can say the same for you, that I love what you are writing and saying with your writing.

 Keep it up.  The world deserves your fine work.                                        Paul and his bride, Eva

 Happy Birthday, dear mom, beloved friend.                          1383259_10200724043359140_1842506079_n

 – your Me!!!

 (son, Paul Gordon)

Thank you, my son. You’re a gift to this mother.

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