Part Two: a Birthday Letter from my one and only daughter

How gratifying to receive this letter. Thank you, dearest and only daughter. We’ve traveled many a mile together and have many more to go with our little girl beside us.

548906_4036438705752_303365653_nAmy’s daddy, Bud Gordon

Happy 83rd Birthday to my precious Mom-my first, forever best friend. For the first time, I am at a loss for words because my love for you,Mom, is so overwhelming. With that, I will write you my own private card. I do however want to share this with my friends: My sweetheart of a mother has helped care for my daughter since she was born ANYTIME I have asked. She has never put a time limit on her help. Mom continues to support me in everything I do and hope to accomplish. Whenever I show up at her door, including a surprise visit last night, she smiles and laughs aloud with delight. Mom comes to my house every day while I’m at work to let Gracie out, she greets my daughter when she gets off the bus, she feeds her, drives her to taekwondo… It’s endless really. She loves my friends and they her.To know mom is to love her because her heart is beautiful. I love you, Mom.




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