2/16/14 WEWRIWA

Sundays are good. Very good with WEWRIWA. More snow? Yes, but who cares. Soon spring with crocus pushing through the dirt. . .Is there dirt under the mountains of snow? Of course and when the temperature rises this very week to melt the ice and rivulets of racing water cascade down drains., we’ll see mud. Yippee! SPLAT!

Continuing with my new book, She Didn’t Say No. I love the title. It conjures up possibilities. The story begins in 1960. Last week at the college library on Saturday, nineteen year old studious Grace Meredith meets Big Man on Campus, Scott Dwyer, Captain of the Swim team, who has taken an interest in her. What happens next unfolds a bit more of the story. They talk about school, goals at first.

excerpt in eight: Grace answers his question regarding her future plans. Say No CVR ARe

“I plan to be a veterinarian and how about you?”

“Law with a strong leaning toward criminal justice.”

“Like FBI or Police Academy?”

He frowned and said, “Not sure, it’s all so far away but maybe I’ll specialize in the K-9 Corp so we both care about animals.”

He sat back and appeared to be very pleased with himself.

I liked his self confidence, something I lacked even though I’d boasted about not being afraid of anything although my parents frightened me with their expectations and pressure. I slammed the book shut and jumped to my feet, “Scott, how about playing hooky from studying and let’s go to the beach.”

And we were off to the beach in his shiny yellow Volkswagon Bug for the beginning of the ride that changed my life.


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Shout out news: Thrilled to announce a 5 star review for No Time for Green Bananas from the renowned LASR Reviews.

34 thoughts on “2/16/14 WEWRIWA

  1. I think this is a cute interaction in the library…but I find the lines requesting to go to the beach to be very stilted sounding in my head when I read them…I’m thinking you intend on her to sort of slam her books and say, “Eff, this…let’s go to the beach!” But it seems…weirdly proper, even for the sixties. That’s of course my humble opinion and may be way off the mark. As ever, your stories intrigue me with their possibilities : )

  2. Grace seems mesmerized with Scott and I wonder if he is being genuine with her. His thought to possibly specialize in K9 corps sounds as if it may be just to impress her? Like all of your other stories I am anxious to read on.

  3. She’s taking a chance on an adventure. I have a hunch this wasn’t an easy thing for her to do. Her decision would have to be spontaneous because if she thought it through she’d talk herself out of it. 🙂 I’m intrigued to know more.

  4. How neat, I sure wish I’d gotten a “devil may care” attitude like that at 19! Well now I get to find out what it might have been like 🙂 Although I wonder too how genuine he’s being, so will be back to find out more!

  5. I agree with some of the comments make above, the conversation was a little too precise for people so young, but I think you have a handle on it now. I’m always shocked when I meet a young man with Scott’s confidence, but they do exist. I just think you need to make Grace a little less certain (but determined to be bold) to play up the difference. 🙂

  6. Fun eight and great way to build the beginning of the relationship. They were a little stiff, but maybe in 1960, people wouldn’t have been as casual on a first meet as kids are now. Thanks for more mature characters, Charmaine! We boomers have to stick together!

  7. Lots of pressure on college kids to decide the course of their lives. I think everyone can relate to that!

    I agree with chelle–I picked up just a hint (or maybe a doubt?) that his thoughts of the K-9 Corp might have been tossed in there to impress the future veterinarian.

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