3/3/14 WEWRIWA

Polar Vortex? Remember when the weatherperson said, “Bundle up, folks. It’s gonna be a cold one”?????????Stay warm and read another snippet from She Didn’t Say No, my latest release from Vanilla Heart Publishing, a mature romance/suspense with a twist.

When last seen, Grace reeled from her first kiss ever. Scott Dwyer, the Big Man On Campus delivered a smooch to knock her socks off. After a burger and fries on the way back to campus, she wonders what happens next, just like a writer. We all know the possibilities when we face our computers.

excerpt in eight:


After burgers, fries, and milkshakes he followed directions to my apartment and parked looking up at the nice building, he smiled. “I’ve passed this place like a zillion times never thinking the girl of my dreams might be right upstairs.”

“Girl of your dreams?” I smacked his shoulder, “You probably say that to all the girls.”

“No, Grace, I mean it; I’ve admired you for months at the library and here we are.”

Is this where I say come up and then I heard myself asking if he’d like to come up and we were inside and kissing in my quiet apartment where no one ever came until now. I always wondered what happens when two young people are alone, hormones raging but hearing about it and reading books is not the same. I wore a spring sweater set, pleated skirt, underwear, socks and sneakers; nothing sexy except my feelings and wanting him and Scott had experience on his side. Was I expected to be a casual lay? Right now, I didn’t know and didn’t care.

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32 thoughts on “3/3/14 WEWRIWA

    • Bygone era. Forever gone? Will innocence ever return? I think not with what’s allowed on TV, social network and more. Thanks, Debbie. I’ve missed you but loved your enthusiastic reports about the Olympics. Canadians ROCK!

      • I agree Charmaine. The age of innocence has definitely passed. We were right into those Olympics for sure! 😀 Canada did well, but so did the USA.

  1. I liked how she reflected on the moment and questioned herself. It’s so realistic and so many college kids think that. You’re really capturing her emotions. Nice snippet!

  2. And so much more, my friend. I loved writing this story, a journey of a young woman on her own, strong, with determination and a sense of humor plus a love of animals. And what happens next? Tune in. You’ll love her, too. 5 Star Reviews!

  3. Very down to earth snippet, Charmaine. I think you’ve really caught the emotions of the moment, the indecision, the intellect and its instilled set of right and wrong fighting with burning passion. Good 8! 🙂

  4. i wouldn’t trust him. And with the title of the book, I’m guessing she shouldn’t have. But it’s hard to say no when the attractive unknown is dangled tantalizingly in front of you.Especially when you’re young. Great inner monologue. This is a fantastic snippet!

    • Sandra, I’m pleased to have aroused your curiousity. Grace plans to be a veterinarian but after meeting Scott Dwyer her plans change and she begins a journey with determination and a sense of humor. If you love pets, romance/suspense with a twist, you’ll enjoy 5 Star She Didn’t Say No.

  5. Oh, great 8! It’s brought a smile to my face. I love her train of thought. She’s right too! Books and reality are quite different 😉 Does she invite him up? Looking forward to next week.

  6. You really captured that sense a person has, of knowing this is probably not going to turn out well or may even be too good to be true but in the moment, you just don’t care! you hope and you go forward. Lovely excerpt (although I’m very worried about your sweet heroine).

    • Ah Veronica, what can I say? I wrote and wrote, the words poured and She Didn’t Say No was born. My publisher loved it with the only comment she always says, “Slow down. Read it over, Flesh it out to make sense of every word.” And I did. To Be Continued but not for too long. Thanks, my friend.

  7. We all have these moments in our lives where the choice we made changed everything. You capture the moment perfectly.

  8. Well he certainly seems to have “intoxicated” her with his charm – hope she won’t be left with regrets.

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