3/9/14 WEWRIWA

More than a year ago, Weekend Writers have given new meaning to Sundays in my life. Thanks to all commenters, talented writers, with their constructive critique week after week.

I continue this week with Grace Meredith , a nineteen year old senior at a college in NY state and her first romantic encounter with the Big Man on Campus, Scott Dwyer. They’ve just stopped for burgers and fries before going to her apartment off-campus. The book is titled She Didn’t Say No, Vanilla Heart Publishing.

excerpt in eight:


First we sat on the couch and necked which led to touching and stroking each other and then , oh so politely, he asked if I minded if he did this and that and soon we were naked on my maiden double bed with pink flowered sheets and a matching spread.

“Grace, you’re so beautiful,” Scott said and fondled my breasts as if they were treasures and tasted one nipple and then the other sucking like a baby searching for milk.

My hands grabbed his head, ran my fingers through his thick curly hair and held him close never wanting him leave, my first lover, my only love.

He said, “Do you have protection?”

“I have a diaphragm and cream but I never used it,” and it occurred to me this was a funny conversation in the heat of nakedness although we didn’t laugh.

“Oh, well, this time leave it up to me but next time practice until you get it right because I have a feeling we’re gonna need a lot of protection.”

He groaned and I heard a rip of a packet and fumbling and soon he played with the dark moist space between my thighs until I lifted my hips to heaven when slowly, he entered virgin territory where only a tampon had been. No comparison here as he continued to move in a little deeper each time to break the barrier and we were one reaching for the stars.

So this is what all the fuss is all about, I thought, and wanted more.   Say No CVR ARe








Shout out news: Thrilled to announce a 5 star review for No Time for Green Bananas from the renowned LASR Reviews.

32 thoughts on “3/9/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Excellent description. Dare I say I felt like I was right on the couch with these young people… What year (approximately) was this? The tone sounds like a few decades ago. Great 8.

  2. Such a sensual, romantic scene! May I make a suggestion: the part where ‘he said, “Do you have protection?” ‘ Should be he asked…. I’m glad he’s concerned about using condoms in this situation. Great snippet, overall.

  3. Nice 8, Charmaine. You’ve done a great job of capturing the voice of the time while maintaining the romance and her trepidation vs. enthusiasm.

  4. You write intimate scenes well, Charmaine. I don’t find myself cringing or skimming the paragraphs to reach the end. Nothing gratuitous in your stories. Nicely done 🙂 !.

  5. Good on them for being responsible! Like the occasional awkwardness–it’s ‘real’ without going too far the other way, when everything is so weird you expect the characters to lose the mood.

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