Daughter to the Rescue. . .

I don’t know where she gets this instinct to love and protect all creatures, big and small; hairless two footed or furry four footed animals but she is fearless as she protects them all.

Last summer we drove to an exit on the NJ turnpike and picked up Gracie, a chocolate Lad/Setter who is now part of grandest granddaughter’s menagerie of two stray kitties . Add to this two cats needing foster care and one daughter hearing about them caged up. She becomes part of the chain of events in saving pets from a shortened life. A full time teacher at middle school and mother to six year old grandest, daughter expends her big heart to protect. I’m bursting with pride.

Gracie-tw0 years old

photo (14)

Foster cats look like they’re here to stay.

Have you ever adopted a pet instead of buying one? Rescue is a wonderful idea. See if it works for you and your family.


Thanks, Charmaine


Check it out


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