3/23/14 WEWRIWA

Hi Writers everywhere. We did it. Survival of the fittest conquered the winter storms and spring is here. Crocus planted long ago pushing through fallen crushed leaves to say hello. I smile in response.

Today I share with you my WIP. The story begins in 1948: a journey for a girl and boy where fate and war change their plans for a future life. Titled She Never Said Yes. That’s right, my friends. Not a sequel to She Didn’t Say No. Quite the opposite. I appreciate and respect your comments so jump right in.

Excerpt in eight:

As the only girl flanked by two brothers, I always had to fight for what I wanted so when the most popular boy in high school walked past me today, I knew he had to be my date for the sorority dance coming up soon. Tall, cute with freckles, his smile lit up the third floor hall and something inside me glowed. My organized mind, inherited from Dad, made a plan; catch the guy, Danny Wilson, between classes, introduce myself, ask and see what happens.

The next day between 2nd and third period, wearing my favorite plaid pleated skirt and red cashmere sweater, I raced up to the senior fourth floor home room. There he stood dressed in a reindeer sweater and yellow cords,surrounded by friends. All five feet three inches of me puffed up and pushed my way to stand right in front of him. I tapped on his chest to get attention and when he looked down, he had a surprised look on his freckled face. I spoke fast: “I’m Joy Simon, my sorority is having a dinner dance October 30th and I want you to be my date, okay?”

for more snippets from talented writers check link below. Thanks for stopping by.

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42 thoughts on “3/23/14 WEWRIWA

  1. I like her determined spirit. Confused as to only one thing – do (or did) some high schools have sororities? Or am I confused about high school vs college? Whatever, I hope he does say YES to accompanying her to the dinner dance. What I have always loved aobut all of your writing is that none of your heroines are weak wall flowers.

  2. Great snippet. Love how you capture that feeling of “just spit it out quick and get it over with.” Its so true to that age group. Well done Charmaine, I felt her barreling through the 8 to get the job done. πŸ™‚
    The Murders of Polly Frisch

  3. I love her! She is definitely brave and determined. I hope he says yes! Or at least, doesn’t make a fool out of her if he says no. That could totally make a dent on her wonderful spirit. Looking forward to more!

  4. All I can say is wow…I sure wish I had this girl’s guts! Way to go after what you want, sister! πŸ™‚

  5. Enjoyed the snippet. The gals determination and spunk is to be admired. At that age, I would have never had the courage to walk up to a boy and blurt out an invitation. I do hope he’ll say yes and if he says no, I hope she won’t be crushed.

  6. Most of what I know about the 1950s comes from Happy Days reruns, so I won’t weigh in on the sorority thing—I’m to busy wondering if he said yes!

  7. Reindeer sweater – ha! I love it. Reminds me of Colin Firth in Bridget Jones when she sees him at that party. I like the fortitude of your heroine, Charmaine, and also the fact that you wrote this in first person. Unique and fun – keep it going!

  8. Thanks Elizabeth. Every other chapter will be written in first person. Joy simon, heroine begins Chapter 1 followed by Danny Wilson-Chapter 2. As always, I’m having fun. Will bring this to our group Tuesday with more as I chug along. Love seeing your comment, my friend.

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