And Then She Said. . .

My grandest never fails to amaze me with her perception. At six, she says the most profound things. For instance, we were involved in getting her hair dried after a bathe the other day and I took a trip down memory lane. “Honey, I’ve been bathing you since you were this big.” Spreading my hands I showed her about a two foot length. She giggled. “In the kitchen sink in a little tub and you held my little head so I didn’t drown and when I got bigger we went into the bath tub.” Our laughter mingled like a perfect mix of age and youth.

And then she looked serious and said, “Grans, you’re not allowed to die for a long time.”

I agree.

And then she said, “” Old people need a lotta love so they last. It like, powers their life system.” I do believe she’s right, bless her big heart.

65191_4183432700510_2056845522_n                        Here she is confiding in me last year during lunch. My pal; my grandest.


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