4/13/14 WEWRIWA

Sun shining on NY today and I’m torn between writing and gardening. Writing wins first prize in my heart so I’ll stretch, take a long walk in my quiet neighborhood admiring daffodils bobbing yellow heads to greet me and return to write.

Meanwhile, She Never Said Yes continues. 1948. A time of innocence for Joy Davison will be short lived when mother uses the word ‘privileges’. Thanks for the helpful comments and words of encouragement with my WIP.

excerpt in a dubious eight:

Mom stopped her careful slicing of the roast, gray eyes peering across the kitchen counter to look at me. “Ask him to step inside next time he walks you home; he’s a senior, Joy, and you’re a sophomore. Remember my words; do not allow privileges because boys lose respect.”
She’s making a big deal out of a date, I thought running up to my room, it’s a dinner dance, but what’s privileges? Afraid to ask, I settled down to some easy homework almost missing Mom calling to me, “Phone for you, daughter, his name is Danny.”
Racing downstairs, I closed the den door and picked up the phone to say hello.
“It’s Danny Wilson, I, uh, want to tell you something so can I come over for a few minutes?”
Uh oh, he wants to cancel the date; “Dinner’s soon so hurry,” and up the stairs I ran to brush my teeth, comb messed hair, sneak a dab of Mom’s expensive cream , snitch a tiny bit of rouge and a final touch of Rosy Future lipstick blotted neatly and ran down just in time to turn the outside lights on and open the door to his ring of the chimes.
“Hi, come in; my mother wants to meet you.”    SA Charmaine pic 2 resized

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39 thoughts on “4/13/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Yeah I was gonna say I like the lipstick name. 🙂

    My only question is that in such a short excerpt, Joy runs up and down the stairs several times. Did you intend to do that? She’s young and most teens do have a lot of energy so it’s not a huge bump for me, but I did notice it. I hope you continue this next week!

  2. You sure capture how a teenager would act when she has a crush on a boy. It’s perfect. Now the boy must meet the mother. Can’t wait for this scene. 🙂

  3. Well I’m braced for what Danny has to tell her, what Mom is going to say to Danny, when she’ll learn what privileges constitute…just lots of things! such a good story so far and another excellent excerpt!

  4. I love this snippet. I learned so much about her just in her actions. Now, what does he want? This was not a nice place to leave me. 😉

  5. I guess any lady who calls something–physical intimacy, I suppose–“privileges” isn’t going to be too good at explaining what they are. Which is not to say it wouldn’t be interesting to see her try…

  6. Really interesting comments, Charmaine. This snippet must resonate with so many of us. A mother too embarrassed to tell us about sex, and a lot of wondering on our parts. I wonder what he has to tell her. And what will her mom think of him… Good 8!

  7. Teresa, I think I need a WEWRIWA tomorrow to answer the questions and next Sunday move on to the dance. Reliving my youth is exciting and there’s so much to cover with Danny going to war and. . .Thanks for opening the door for all of us. Friendship combined with learning from each other. How lucky can we get!

  8. Sandra, I so appreciate your comment. The word privilege no longer has the same meaning but women know or should know it’s a privilege when she shares her love and body with the man she loves. P.S. When my grown kids learned I was a virgin when we were married, each one of them said, “Mom, you don’t know what you missed!”

  9. Ah, her nervousness is so well depicted I’m racing up those stairs with her and worrying about what Danny has to say. I hope he doesn’t cancel (or that her mom scares him off!) Great snippet!

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