I’m interviewed today by Angel Kay Austin. . .

TBNTE V 2 CVR for AReI’ve been tagged by one of the best writers I know, Angel Kay Austin. We met a few years ago when she became a Vanilla Heart Publishing author and right away, through emails, became friends. One of the beauties of cyber space where friendships spring up and people you might never have met reach out to each other.

My writing process and more:

What am I working on now?

Fingers fly as I write another Mature Romance, this one beginning in 1948 to culminate years later. From High School romance to adulthood and all the changes between. A lot of the beginning is personal; a trip down memory lane with innocence, virginity, first kiss and then the Korean Conflict . While the writing triggered feelings from long ago, I still laughed to remember and moved on, with a fictional story to tell. I love losing myself in a story, feel it evolve, characters grow and take over. Authors live a solitary life quite different from other occupations. In the quiet of a room, creative juices flow and at The End, we celebrate with tears. My Mature Romances now end with The beginning. . .Not The End.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?

Mature Romance is a relatively new genre. Since I’m 83, (when did that happen?) I know from experience we are sexy seniors who believe “It isn’t over ‘til it’s over.” Making love isn’t as easy as it once was but we manage. Instead of ooh and ahh, we find ourselves sometimes saying ouch and try this or move the pillow here but it’s worth the effort. Trust me. I know from experience.

Why do I write what I do?

My books are about women who survive and thrive to move on to make a better life. Been there, done that and if necessary, I ‘ll do it again. Women are strong. We’re the ones who can raise a family, keep the home working smoothly and if necessary have another job beyond. That’s a lot of territory to cover for one female and there ‘s an army of us who accomplish just that every day.

How does my writing process work?

I write every day and don’t forget promotion. You write a book; your work isn’t finished. Social media needs tending to. That by itself is almost a full time job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into my personal life as a writer.

Next visit a couple of my friends and discover what they feel and think about their writing processes.

Chelle Cordero

DebbietheDogLady                                                                                                  Charmaine Headshot for Author Central


Best to everyone on this lovely spring day.



No Time for Green Bananas
Celeste Hamlin, seventy-five year old widow, has a goal… conquer the six mountains in the Saranac Lake region before deciding what to do with the rest of her life. Sixty-two year old Professor Paul Harris, meets the dynamic Celeste, and recalls the last words his wife said before she passed. “Find another love and begin again.” Will they begin again?


She Didn’t Say No
Grace didn’t say no to the Big Man On Campus, Scott Dwyer. And then her life changed… Years later, a too-close encounter of an unpleasant kind with a skunk and Scott’s German Shepherd reunites the former lovers. What happens in between are their stories of beginnings and endings and love lost, then found.


Dr. D and the Dad
A trip over a mound of sand on the beach begins a journey for Diane O’Rourke and Tony Flannigan. She’s a pediatrician, a bit over weight; he has a foster care home with three children under his sheltering wing… and a dark secret. Can they overcome the past and make the future work for them? They might just find the initial trip was well worth it.

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