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May Day, May Day. A signal for help in the military. Often writers call May Day searching for constructive criticism as we write and that’s exactly what we receive here at WEWRIWA.   Charmaine CD -3 sATURATED_pp8x10g- CD

This week I continue with She Never Said Yes. Danny and Joy are engaged and plan to be married right after he finishes pilot training and receives his Air Force wings at a formal ceremony in San Antonio, TX. Joy’s father pays for them to meet in Oklahoma City for a weekend one month prior to the ceremony. At Chicago’s bustling airport, Joy’s father says, “Be a good girl.’

Excerpt in eight:

Adjoining rooms with my sweetheart, temptation was almost more than we could bear. So we kissed, bodies pressed together straining against the blanket I’d wrapped around him to remind us to stop. In the corner of my mind were Father’s words trusting, “Be a good girl, Joy” and mother’s warning not to allow ‘privileges.’
Over and over, I stopped him with, “Wait honey, it’s the right thing to do and I’ve already picked out a virginal white lace wedding gown.”
Laughing, fighting desire, kissing, two wonderful days had passed and I just started to pack when the phone rang.
Father’s voice demanded, “Joy, come home right now, Mother is very ill.”
Panic set in, my hands trembled remembering all the times Mother needed to rest and how she stumbled so often.
We kissed good bye and I left my sweetheart shaking his head, looking bewildered as I hurried to American Airlines where I boarded the plane to Chicago to cry on the long flight home.                      

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36 thoughts on “5/4/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Oh no, this doesn’t sound good… Will she ever see him again? Will she have to devote her time to taking care of her parents and give up on her own life? Good description, grabs me right in and gets me worried.

  2. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Tragedy looms, I can feel it. Their goodbye was quick. The one two people give when they expect to see each other again, but so many things could go wrong. Great snippet, Charmaine.

  3. Hmm, poor sweet couple. I can think of several scenarios that could happen…none of them good. You’ve got me wondering where you are going to take the reader.

  4. Aww, I hate to see their love affair end so abruptly on the wings of a tragedy. I do hope they can reunite again soon! Great work, Charmaine!

  5. Of all the things I was expecting, I didn’t see this coming, so well done there! Except I like your two characters so much, I really don’t want them to suffer! Excellent excerpt and I’m totally invested in their story.

  6. This is not good timing for an illness! I love how both her parents are so vague on the proper behavior–enough that she knows what not to do, somehow, but still…

  7. Oh so sad they had to part in such a way. I do hope they will find each other again. 🙂

  8. Oh boy…tough times are ahead. 🙂 I do enjoy reading your stories of more innocent times, Charmaine! And I’m so happy about your book to movie deal! SO very proud of you 🙂 !

  9. Anxious to move on, I jumped ahead to this part. Now I worry you all didn’t get to see the story develop. But what’s done cannot be undone. Next week my eight will be from devastated Danny. Teresa, I’m proud of me, too. Somehow I went from homemaker to actor to writer in later life. More good fortune ahead. I feel it. Thanks for the weekly boost.

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