5/11/14 WEWRIWA

Mother’s Day. A Hallmark Card Moment or do you make your own cards, have a special feast to honor Mom, precious one and only Mom. I prefer the personal touch, a goofy cockeyed heart from my grandest, eye cream from daughter, a call from fave son from Denmark and a sleep-over with daughter while grandest isn’t home. Movie night! Oh yes. Whatever you do, savor the day, my friends.

I continue with She Never Said Yes. Last week, Joy Davison was called away with a terse phone call. “Come home, Mother is very ill..” Fiancee Danny Wilson is a few weeks from graduating from Air Force Academy and being awarded his wings where he becomes Second Lieutenant. They had intended to marry right after the ceremony like all the other cadets and their fiancees.  Head pounding, Danny stretched out on the closest bunk bare of sheets and blankets. Just a battered pillow to rest his screwed up head. Pieces of the puzzle were missing. Nothing made sense and here he is in hot Texas and she’s in cold Chicago.

excerpt in eight:
Alone in the barracks, Danny had to answer the communal phone that rang nearby.
Joy sobbed, “Danny, forgive me if you can, we can get married as soon as there’s a diagnosis for Mother and a plan; Danny, are you there?”
“Yeah, I’m here and you’re not.”
“I’ll give the engagement ring back to you if, um, if you don’t want to wait.”
“Keep it,” and he hung up thinking what a waste of time he’d spent two years loving her and saving for the ring all for nothing.

As soon as the wings were pinned on each cadet and cheers subsided, Major John Leftwich approached the newly appointed Second Lieutenant.
“Lieutenant, disappointment happens but with your excellent record, take my advice and move on because a career officer needs a proper wife, one who fits into the protocol of the life we’ve chosen.”

A week later when Joy called to ask for him, she was informed no such cadet lived there.


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31 thoughts on “5/11/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Oh, he’s a big baby! You’re going to have to work to make me like him after he pulled this on her! 🙂
    I love the way you paint a picture of a different era, Charmaine. Nicely done! 🙂 Happy mom’s day to you! I hope you enjoyed the sleepover. Lovely way to celebrate.

    • Sixty two years ago today, I married my first love. Yes, Mothers Day will always hold double meanings for me. As for Danny, I felt his feeling of intense abandonment as the love of his life placed him second during a special time. Thanks, Teresa.

  2. What an awful thing he’s done. I felt for Joy when she received the bad news at the end. Hope you enjoy Mother’s Day. It was celebrated here in Spain last week, so today is just an ordinary Sunday.

  3. Ohh I didn’t see that coming either. He seems to’ve blown the issue way out of proportion but the Major encouraged that attitude. I’m definitely interested to see where this goes.

    • It’s a typical service response. I recall so well and knew this Major. Me a big city girl swallowed up in a life where I didn’t fit but my guy opted out when he fulfilled his duty. Later we were sorry to have left a good life. So I ask, should I change his response? HELP!

  4. Wow, that time wasn’t wasted, he threw it away! What did he expect her to do?

    I don’t see why a woman who’d go take care of her possibly dying mother would make a bad wife. The men in this story are all being jerks today!

  5. In his defense, he’s awfully young and hasn’t learned a lot about life yet, but yeah he acted like a jerk.

  6. His reaction was really cold and selfish, and his executive officer was a calculating creep – However, by today’s standards we are all justified in our condemnation (more or less), BUT in the era in which you are writing, this misogynistic attitude is more the norm than not. I think you should make sure the era’s attitudes are clearer so that the readers see the decisions as typical.
    My heart aches for her.

  7. Ah. I see the light of day, Chelle. You’re so right. Make what I know for sure, clear within the context for the era in order for the readers of today to get the picture. Happy dance here and the story tweaks to unfold.

  8. Happy belated Mother’s Day! Such a sad snippet this week, but I have faith they’ll find their way back to each other. Young love is sometimes hard to shake. 🙂

  9. I like what Chelle and Caitlin said. While you do want to reflect that era’s values, at the same time, you’re writing for TODAY’s readers. If you want them to still like Danny, they have to see potential in him. If readers think he doesn’t totally forget about her, sometimes second-guesses his decision to leave her, they’ll be more willing to hang around to find out what happens.

  10. Oh, good thought. I added a scene where the cadet’s gang up on him about his virgin GF and missing out. He’ll have second thoughts as he’s caught up in the war and life as a pilot plus a woman but Joy remains in his heart. Thanks for helping solve this for me, Marcia. That’s the beauty of WEWRIWA.

  11. Marcia, good catch, yesterday’s values and today’s readers. Charmaine, it sounds like you’ve got a good solution going.

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