6/8/14 WEWRIWA

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This week I’m moving on with To Be Continued, my first book published by Vanilla Heart Publishing. As a newbie, I had a lot to learn about writing, my skill as an actor proved to be helpful. Last week I painted the opening scene with a happy Elizabeth Malone waking up after a night of damn good sex with her husband Frank of forty years. Then she finds the letter he’s left her. Gone who knows where, taken his clothes, shipped out in the dead of night. The note said, “It’s not you, it’s me.” And a bit more about divorce papers and the house is hers, blah, blah. With her mother long passed on, she struggles to survive, her racing thoughts attempt to think clearly.

excerpt in eight:

Mom, you were the one who told me to marry Frank; thoughts tumbled over; Beth held her throbbing head, tried to think coherently to no avail with the past and present mixed in a kaleidoscope. Frank loves me ‘cause I’m a winner/ No-nonsense Coach says “Go to college on the scholarship—train for the Olympics, Mom/Frank/Coach pulling me until I almost fell apart. I have no one to turn to except for daughter Susie who idolizes her father; how did everything that seemed so right go so wrong?
Beth shivered and cried out, “I gave up swimming, a chance for Olympic gold, my college scholarship for you, Frank, doesn’t that count for something?” She pulled at the towel wrapped around her, “When did I stop being a winner and become a loser?”  Hurling the towel toward the bed where it landed with a soggy splat, she looked at her nakedness. She lifted small breasts and let go, no bounce; gazed at all her parts in pretty fair shape from swimming and diving for more years than she wanted to remember. She cried out, “Not young enough for you, Frank?” her voice ricocheted around the room and boomeranged back–not young enough–not anything enough–not enough.

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36 thoughts on “6/8/14 WEWRIWA

  1. Awww, poor thing. Very real life that she goes all the way back to her choice about giving up her scholarship and shot at the Olympics for this guy as she starts to be UPSET. Great excerpt!

  2. Wow, you can totally feel every ounce of anger and fear and frustration she’s feeling in this excerpt. Really well done!

  3. I love the way you handled this scene with her anger at Frank, Coach and Mother (for pulling her apart), her disappointment in Frank (and her mother for pushing Frank on her), and her bewilderment as she seems to question her self. She definitely feels alone in the world and you definitely show that very well.

  4. Oh, no!

    That’s a terrible moment to be in, but sounds to me like she’s still sexy. I bet she can find someone who appreciates her more. Frank will be sorry!

  5. Intrigued me enough to download the free sample from Amazon! She has a lot of resources to draw on, but when you get a body-blow like that, you’re only aware of how much it hurts.

    • I’m so pleased you checked To Be Continued out. Body-blow is a good way to describe what’s happened. Step by step she’ll find a way to make a new life. This first book engaged my for months as I struggled to make sense and write a good story. Lots of tears and laughter went into it and now a television movie option! Exciting so thanks for your interest. More to come next week.

  6. Wow, that was an emotional assault! Nicely done. I could feel her pain, her confusion, her anger, her hurt. Nicely done, Charmaine. I can hardly wait to see this on the telly. 🙂

  7. Women all too often give up their big chance for the man they “love.” I hope she’s able to move past his leaving and become herself again. Moving snippet!

  8. This is unfortunately a very real moment for too many of us. You have written the painful truth and I felt every inch of her being struggling with what has happened. I LOVE the way she is confused and angry at the same time!

  9. Hmm, don’t get mad, get even? Charmaine, this is the first I’ve read about this character and I really like her already! Missing an excerpt of yours is never good so even though I’m late visiting, I’m glad I stopped over.

  10. I just returned home and read your comment. Wow! I too am so glad you stopped by. This is the second episode. I began 6/1 if you have a chance to read the first eight. This is my first book published by vanilla Heart Publishing now optioned for a television movie. Who’d a thunk it when at the time, I didn’t even know how to format or write a query. Stay tuned, dear friend. She’s mad and will get even. When her husband returns, he’s in for a big surprise.

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