A Moment With Robert Redford. . .

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Picture this: High on a good audition for Channel Thirteen some years ago, when my voice still worked, I strolled down a wide almost empty street in NYC heading toward the parking lot where I’d buy back my car. The price for parking was exorbitant. Spring air, the sun smiled down on me; all’s well with the world.

And then life turned a lot brighter, if possible. I recognized the look of the trailer on the side street. Movies are always being shot in New York. Someone, the star, was in there. As I arrived parallel to the trailer, he stepped out. We nearly collided. I still grinned from the happy audition and dressed in faded jeans and shirt, Robert Redford smiled and said, “Well, hello.” “Hi,” I said. Snappy repartee. And at that inopportune moment an assistant ran out calling, “You’re on.”

Would he have asked me to dinner, and said leave your husband and children to run away with me right now? No.

P.S. I didn’t get the part. Came in second!

I’m writing this now because I just watched All is Lost, a remarkable movie with Robert Redford as the only actor. It stays in my mind Don’t miss it.


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