Baby Twister Cuts a Swath on my deck!

Holy smoke, folks. We woke this morning to find that a very selective twister caused havoc on the back deck ending by lifting the umbrella table up and over the fence where we can’t lift it by ourselves. Daughter has to come over tomorrow to put us back together again like Humpty Dumpty.

Mother nature had it in for the old folks. A dolphin float was tossed from the pool clear through the tree and onto the neighbor’s driveway. I limped over, all the way around to retrieve the blue plastic float, one of grandest’s faves. Why our house, I wonder? I noticed the neighbor to the other side wasn’t out there picking up branches and flipped over chairs. By the time I’d straightened every thing up except for me, it was time to get on the new float daughter put together for me just two days ago. Boom box plugged in with a new book I’m listening to; all’s right with my world. I climbed aboard and rocked gently while listening to murder and mayhem. This writer of Romance/Suspense loves thrillers. Blood, guts and sometimes a happy ending where the cop gets her man or woman, as the case may be.

What’s your favorite kind of read? Let me know. Charmaine CD -3 sATURATED_pp8x10g- CD



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