A Moment with Tom Hanks. . .

!988. The casting call for a business woman came for the last day of shooting a movie titled, Big, with Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins and Robert Loggia director, Penny Marshall. I believe this was her first movie. Excited to be part of this, wearing a gray wool suit on a bright spring day, I drove down to 23rd street in NYC, parked and hurried for the early call. Nervous assistants scurried around. I overheard murmuring about how tough and organized Ms. Marshall was and thought, good for her. So much to gain for the success of the movie and so much to lose for all her work.

What a cutie, Tom Hanks. So boyish and slim with curly hair, totally focused for his huge role; a breakout part and huge success with Academy awards. Stardom came quickly after this delightful fantasy about a young boy’s wish at a carnival. He wanted to be big. And so the story goes. It never grows old. The enchantment of love combined with innocence of a thirteen year old boy in a young man’s body. If you haven’t seen Big, check it out at your local library  or wherever you have access. You may catch a glimpse of a woman in a gray suit walking briskly down the street as Elizabeth Perkins hails a cab to find her young man and discover the truth.         Big (1988) Poster

Movies. Don’t you just love them? What’s your favorite or favorites?

6 thoughts on “A Moment with Tom Hanks. . .

  1. I love Tom Hanks and this movie. How cool that you were in it, Charmaine! 😀 I will get out my copy and look for you in that scene. You sure have an interesting life!

  2. Watch carefully and don’t blink. I’m wearing a gray suit walking along the street. Elizabeth Perkins runs out of the building and jumps into a cab. She’s headed ot the carnival place where she finds Tom and the fortune teller machine. I think it’s Rye Playland from 1988. There are 3 shots of me. Thanks, Debbie. Are we having fun or what? You bet we are!

  3. I love the movie BIG and adore Tom Hanks, yumm.
    As for Penny Marshall, she has always been entirely focused – I don’t know if she would remember my sister and me after all these years but we knew her as a teen helping at her mother’s dance school (The Marjorie Marshall School of Dance, on Mosholu Parkway, Bronx NY) Penny was single-minded, took NO excuses and I batted wits with her more than once, LOL. My sister on the other hand was a model student.

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