A Moment-actually a week-With Al Pacino. . .

1989 Picture this: The casting call came in. They wanted me, my car, and it turned out, we got overtime as early call turned into night. Big bucks. Not really but for a small fish in the big pond just spreading my wings, this was truly a biggie. With no info regarding the star or the name of the movie, I showed up and immediately went to wardrobe and make-up. What fun not always accorded to background artists. Then I waited getting reacquainted with friends. Next thing I knew, the assistant called my name and ushered me out to the streets of mid town Manhattan. Noisy out there with a bus stopped to let off and take on passengers right at the corner where I was placed. And then He showed up, the star surrounded by his personal bodyguard ever vigilant, gun close at hand to protect none other than the city’s own Al Pacino. All 5’7″ of him dressed with too long pants, messed up shaggy hair and that expression on his face. A woman leaned out of the bus window, cookie box in her hand. “Hey Al, we love you, baby.” the assistant grabbed it with a smile and waited ’til the bus pulled away before crossing the street to dump it in a garbage can. I saw the star cringe in fear just for that moment. Possible danger in the mean streets.

Every time a scene was shot, the director rushed over to the star to confer. In hushed conversation with much hand waving, I ascertained the star had the last word on directing Sea of Love.

His co-star, Ellen Barkin, a glamorous off-beat woman wearing tight outfits was hot, hot, hot. Their sex scene in the grocery store while checking out each other more the the fruit and veggies made everyone sweat.

If you don’t blink, you might see me strolling down the avenue minding my business. In truth, most of my time that week I was glued to Al Pacino’s back. Well almost. That’s where they put me; that’s where I happily stayed and watched a great actor work.


Thanks for stopping by to join me in sweet time memories.                       Sea of Love (1989) Poster


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