7/27/14 WEWRIWA

The end of July, oh no. How did this happen, folks? Grab onto every summer day and enjoy Sundays with WEWRIWA for constructive critique. I’ve been sharing snippets from To Be Continued for about six weeks and today I may end this coming of age story about a grown woman who, at fifty eight, spreads her wings and learns to fly. Last week, in her enclosed Olympic size pool, she enjoys a delicious romp in chlorine scented air with who else? The pool guy, Maverick. It’s the morning after. Beth wakes to the aroma of hot coffee in a mug close to her head. She’s covered in a large towel and hears her new younger lover’s voice from a distance.

excerpt in eight:

” Do ‘ya mind if I take some pics,” camera already whirring away, Maverick’s deep voice echoed across the pool.

In one swift motion, Beth covered her face with the towel, pictures of Rumpled Beth-skin, no way lover boy, not in your life or mine.

She peeked over the edge of the towel to see Maverick photographing the enclosure, plants and decor at the far end. Wrapped up she made a dash for the door calling, “If you’re hungry, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

The fastest transformation in her history left the energetic,woman radiant, full of creative ideas that included the not-as-young-as he looked man who entered her more than once last night.

Maverick’s slow smart-ass grin took on special meaning when he admitted, “One big bucks guy wanted to see the enclosure so I took pics figuring they would be a terrific boost for my business.”

Beth gathered her thoughts and rapid fire spit them out,”Since I designed my baby from the beginning, Maverick, what’s in it for me?”

You can come of age at any age.   

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buy links for To Be Continued:

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Kindle – http://www.amazon.com/To-Be-Continued-ebook/dp/B0030IM65G

AllRomance Ebooks – https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-tobecontinued-395548-149.html

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40 thoughts on “7/27/14 WEWRIWA

  1. I admit to all that I’ve read this marvelous story and enjoy how her confidence grows. Great snippet and love the comment about coming of age at any age.

  2. Ha, that’s an awesome response from her! And I don’t know if she’s in the right head space to think of this, but I’m wondering if Maverick’s friend wants to see what Beth has that’s worth stealing. She doesn’t *really* know Maverick, after all.

    Charmaine, you know, what I like about the stories of yours that I’ve seen snippets from, is that they put a bit of a twist on the typical romance formula. Female MCs speak up for themselves and sometimes don’t mind if they ruffle a guy’s feathers. I’m not really drawn to most romances but I get interested in your characters and then I get interested in what’s happening 🙂

    • Smiley face here in NY reading your comment and thrilled you get interested in my characters. Survive and thrive is the theme, something I was forced to learn when my first husband died suddenly after 38 years of HEA. We all have stories. These are mine in every shape , age, and color.

  3. Fun snippet. I was a little worried about what he wanted to take pictures of too! I like how the relationship is developing, she’s not totally bowled over just because he’s a young hottie. My only issue is that it felt a little rushed- I didn’t see him enter the kitchen before he started talking to her.

  4. I love her automatic assumption re. the pics!

    All the same, he seems a bit presumptuous. It would be polite to ask permission regarding his business intentions first. I think she’s going to find herself taken for granted if he gets too comfortable!

  5. I agree with the commentor that said that he seems presumptuous- and I’m not entirely convinced about his business intentions. I hope she doesn’t get taken advantage of. That would be heartbreaking.

  6. Ha! Go get’em, Beth! lol. I like it. A good MC–she’s learned and she’s growing from her bad experience. It made me smile that she thought he was taking pics of her–I liked that you shared her thoughts on that, 🙂 Good 8, Charmaine!

  7. I loved the dialogue, her reaction and her inner thoughts conveyed in this snippet. My fav though is “the not-as-young-as he looked man who entered her more than once last night.”. Well done, my friend. 🙂

  8. I was wondering about that–he came over to take pictures of her property before they got involved. And now he’s just taking for granted that he can take those pics.

    Funny moment when she tries to hide from the camera, only he isn’t looking at her. 🙂

  9. I’m sure he doesn’t see her as “Rumpled Beth-skin” at all, but I giggled when he wanted to take photos of the landscaping instead! 🙂

    • He already saw her with and without clothes and now down to business. No more monkey business for the moment although right after breakfast when she sends him out in the rain and he presses his nose to the sliders she thinks. . .maybe one more time and that’s it.

  10. Loved her reaction to the wake-up paparazzi party. I would have run away to pretty myself up too. lol. Great excerpt, Charmaine! I’ve really enjoyed the snippets from this story!

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