An Interview with Susan Berry-getting to know her

Welcome to my humble blog where the elite meet and greet. Today my guest is Susan Berry. Her very name is cheerful and delicious. And now the questions. Like a detective, I dig into little known truths about this new author.

1. Where did the idea for your story come from?

While recovering from an illness, I thought about events that shaped my life and people who helped me get through. Dance of the Heart is filled with family ties as well as humor to help keep life in perspective and romantic love that makes the effort worth it all.

2.Why did you pick this setting for the story?

   When  I was a young girl, every year my siblings and I would pick strawberries at a local farm The family who owned the farm is very much like Maggie’s family in the book. Generations working hard together, sharing success as well as failure.

3.Are your main characters fictional or do they reflect aspects of yourself?

Desmond and Maggie are fictional but I admit to finding reality in both of them.  He’s strong and handsome and guarded, not letting people in and he’s quick to judge.  Once he falls in love, he pursues with passion and follows his heart. He reminds me of other men, strong yet  gentle with ones they love.

       Maggie is headstrong and independent. She’s suffered a great loss when she was young and learned to turn off her feelings. She doesn’t like to feel and when she’s confronted with love, her first response is to push it away. It will take a determined man to push through her wall of resistance and find the heart longing to be loved. I think we all have a touch of Maggie in us, not wanting to be hurt so we test those who say they love us.

4. Tell us about your writing space and how it works for you.

Can you believe I write in my kitchen in the middle of chaos, kind of. I dislike being tucked away in a quiet corner. This forces me to focus and shut out real life to concentrate on the voices of my fictional characters.

5. And what are you working on now, Susan?

    I’m just finishing Book 2 of Moments of the Heart series. titled Laughter of the Heart, the story begins where Dance of the Heart ended. There’s more suspense and answers to some questions about Desmond and his troubled past.

6. What aspect of writing gives you the most trouble?

  I love detail and force myself not to write too much of it. Better to leave something to the reader’s imagination and enjoyment of the story.

7. Does another genre interest you?

Oh yes. I’ve begun a fantasy novel at the request of my daughter. She keeps looking over my shoulder as I put the story together. It’s fun and I’m getting a kick out of pleasing her.

8.  Dream job if you weren’t an author?

    I’d open a non-profit shelter for battered women and children providing them with housing and stability. I’ve seen the devastation battering causes on the spirit and self-confidence.

Thanks, Susan. It’s a pleasure to meet you and learn so much more about you.

Best wishes on the road to success from Charmaine Gordon   Susan Berry Author Photo B&W in color


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3 thoughts on “An Interview with Susan Berry-getting to know her

  1. Hi Susan, I can really relate to you about writing space, you voiced it very well “I dislike being tucked away in a quiet corner. This forces me to focus and shut out real life to concentrate on the voices of my fictional characters.”

  2. As for me, Chelle, I like solitude. We are different yet alike as we tend to our stories and have fictional characters as friends for the duration and longer since often, they don’t let go. Thanks for stopping by.

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