Housebroken CVR frontHi Gang, so I thought my publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing, was still editing Housebroken and to my surprise, she already did the job and my book was  released as of a few days ago. My error, folks. Always underestimating how fast she works when she approves a manuscript. The only change I made was the sex. “Tone it down, girl,” she said and I did.

The first eight introduced Steve and Sally Atwood when their youngest son drove away with his bride and Sally cried. Empty nest syndrome they didn’t expect. With kindness and love Steve opened a bottle of champagne and offered her chocolate covered strawberries in the jacuzzi as one solution to love alone at last after thirty five years of marriage

excerpt in eight:

Chapter 2–One month later

Steve’s voice announcing he’d returned from work broke the silence and Sally felt a tinge of annoyance because she was in the midst of writing an article for the local paper and needed concentration and all he wanted was sex. Well, sex was good, uh, great but she needed a time-out. As a would-be journalist, getting clients, submitting articles, becoming a name turned out to be hard work and damn social media for taking over to create another challenge. Steve had a solid position with a large corporation as managing sales director of the entire country and had no idea how hard she worked in an attempt to reach the first rung of the ladder at her age.

“The weather forecast is grim with a big snowstorm coming.” He opened the fridge and said,  “We’re short on milk, butter, bread, and what did you plan for dinner?”

Dinner, who gives a flying. . .“I’m sorry, sweetheart; I’ve been in all day writing an article about a new restaurant in town and this time I not only get paid,” she gave him a big wet kiss with tongue, “I get a byline because the editor likes the personal angle.”

“Mmm, I like your personal angle with or without pay.”

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44 thoughts on “8/10 WEWRIWA

  1. Very realistic. The first tugs of tension, the attempt to rise above and be understanding, then, whammo, his ass is out in the snow. I’m projecting the last part, I know, but you’ve done a great job of setting up the expectation of trouble.

  2. Wow that sounds familiar. Trying to balance her annoyance at the interruption with her love for him. Send him shopping and then snuggle in for the storm when he gets back. 🙂

  3. Man I’m not even an empty nester but I can understand Sally’s annoyance at the hubby. It’s sweet they have rekindled that romance. And congrats on getting it published!

  4. Thanks, Meka. I so appreciate your comment. I’ve been with Vanilla Heart Publishing for four and a half years, enjoying every minute through about fifteen books;novellas,long/short stories-you name it. Best of luck to you.

  5. It’s good he likes her “personal angles,” but I wonder if she’s told him these problems she’s been having. Maybe he’d give her some alone time, and help with dinner occasionally if she asked.

  6. I like it, they seem like such a good couple together, although I can foresee some issues with her working on her career…will be interesting to see how the story goes. I feel as if I know these two people already. Excellent excerpt!

  7. Mr. Success meet the woman who had your kids, washed your clothes, and knows you better than you know yourself. Very realistic scene.

  8. So much character building in this 8, Charmaine. Very real emotions. I’ve lived the frustration. I can relate. Nicely done!

    Congrats on the release! I wish you much success with this book!

    I really had to snicker at Cindy’s comment to you–and your reply. 😉

  9. Wow, this snippet strikes a chord with all freelance writers, especially when the spouse comes from a completely different business world. Great snippet, felt both her frustration and her desire to accommodate.

  10. LOL! I figured he was going to say that at the end, but I like it anyway! She’s right about social media, too damn time-consuming! You’ve set this up really well, Charmaine. I see there are going to be challenges for them; she’s not just sitting around waiting for him to come home, and maybe he’s not ready for a wife who can fill her own day. (and yeah, send him shopping! He ain’t helpless! 😀 )

  11. Very funny, really strikes a chord with all us writerly types : ) I don’t know how many times hubby would come home, when I had writing time during the day, and there’d be no thought of dinner. Lucky me, he’s pretty understanding. Hope your character’s hubby is the same : ) Something tells me he is!

  12. Ugh, journalism- it’s not only social media getting in the way. Hope her husband starts helping at home because she’s going to need a lot of work to make it. Great snippet, Charmaine!

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